About Us

Mansfield Dive Club at whitbyThe British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC for short) is the largest scuba diving club in the world. Unlike some other diver training programmes BSAC training is branch based. so you not only get to learn to dive, gain qualifications which are recognised the world over, but also get the social and friendly atmosphere of a branch. Branch members continue to support each other in their diving no matter their level of qualification. As a member you will be supported in your diving by experienced instructors and have access to the equipment and resources of the branch.

The branch has a selection of kit which is used by new members during their training. We have a compressor allowing us to fill air bottles for our members at a fraction of the cost charged by commercial operations. The branch has a boat allowing us to access inshore sites, however we also use larger vessels for accessing more distant sites. For more information about the types of places we go and what we see, take a look at the Trips section of the website.

Dinner Dance 2012The social side of the club is as active as the diving side, there’s always something happening from our annual, formal dinner dance, to nights out in pubs and restaurants, to things like charity themed nights and the boxing day raft event.