Tuesday baths session

Howdy, Following on from the success of last Tuesdays evening baths session, I’m pleased to report another successful evening on the Tuesday just gone and again it was great to see non divers turning up for a swim and a drink afterwards!

If you haven’t heard yet, we have moved our weekday pool night to a Tuesday in a bid to open up the sessions to more members and so far the signs are encouraging, we even had a visit to our shores from the shy and reclusive lesser spotted Withey, who although native to these shores, is not due for his migratory visit for at least another couple of months, so it was great to see him in his natural habitat, out of season and who knows, we may have another chance encounter before the end of the season, when he usually hibernates for the winter. So, if we spread the word a bit more, we will soon have a pool full of rare and endangered members!!

Finally, just as we are seeing numbers increase I have to report that the Tuesday session is off next week due to some banks being on holiday (makes my blood boil, they get huge bonuses as well as extra holidays, a load of bankers the lot of them if you ask me!) not to worry though, apparently theres an old queen called Julie Lee on at the diamond?