Good afternoon, Firstly, apologies if you keep getting …

Good afternoon,

Firstly, apologies if you keep getting test emails from different committee members, there are a few problems with the 2 email addresses running parallel with each other and also some members seem to be receiving emails if they are sent from a PC as a pose to one being sent on a mobile phone? I will put a spreadsheet on the notice board next Thursday and every week thereafter (then take it home to remain confidential) with the email addresses that we have for you on record, if you can amend where necessary, we will hope to have these issues ironed out as soon as possible.

Anyway, back to the real reason for this post!!!

Tony Rungay is selling some kit. ALL BRAND NEW AND STILL PACKAGED;

Tusa Liberator mask cost £40 accept £20
Scubapro 3mm gloves cost £24.50 accept £10
Scubapro delta large wet boots cost £25.50 accept £12
Weezle Extreme large undersuit cost £180 accept £80
Mares Quattro avanti fins x/large cost £75 accept £35
UK sunlight D4 torch £20
Buddy self sealing dsmb £12

Have a great weekend, L

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