Good afternoon everyone, I received this from Carl yes …

Good afternoon everyone,

I received this from Carl yesterday…….

“Is it possible to send a email out for me, iam looking for a aladin air hose can anyone help.

thanks carl albrighton (contact lianna for phone number) ”

In addition,

Andy Jackson is fetching some kit from Stoney on Saturday and it would be an awful shame for him to travel all that way without going for a bimble in the crystal clear, warm, fish laden waters of said Cove. So, in short……Anyone who wants to plod along, please let him know…..he’ll be back in time for the barbecue!

Which leads me on to…….

Grass skirts and loud shirts (or any other suitable beach attire)

There are 2 birthday boys on Saturday and both are kindly taking up the res challenge although they don’t know it yet….! We are currently up to 64 guests. So, if you’re not sure whether you have put your name down or not, please respond to this post and I’ll check.

I bet you can’t wait to get the emails/posts about the next event?…….

See you at club on Thursday. L

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