Good afternoon Divers, This year we are planning on running some new SDC's (Skil…

Good afternoon Divers,
This year we are planning on running some new SDC’s (Skill Development Courses) at branch level, all being well these courses will be…

1 Buoyancy and Trim Workshop.
May weekends 10th/11th & 17th/18th.

2 Twin Set Diver.
June/July TBC.

3 Accelerated Decompression Procedures.

4 Wreck Appreciation Course.

The first course B.T.W. is open to all diver grades and is aimed to improve on or reconfirm your buoyancy control and trim whilst diving, at the end of the course you will achieve a buoyancy standard card, either, Black, Gold, Silver or Bronze. You will be expected to hold a certain standard to progress in your diver training or take part in other more advanced SDC’s. It consists of a two hour theory on the Saturday followed by a day at Stoney on the Sunday, I will put full details of each course contents including costings etc on the club notice board sometime this week. Please register your preliminary interest on the sheets provided. Two of these courses are not being run anywhere in the region this year so take advantage step up and get involved! SDC’s are extremely beneficial in shaping us into accomplished divers and I guarantee you will have fun along the way!
In the meantime feel free to ask any questions. See you all later.

Kind regards
Steve Cheesmond
Diving Officer
Mansfield 735 BSAC