Members Information


We try and keep in contact with all our members through our emailing list. If you aren’t receiving communication from the club, then it might be that we haven’t got the right address. To have your details updated please contact Alan using the form below.


Please find below table of current fees for new Members.

Mansfield 735 BSAC Membership Rates April 2014

Membership Type BSAC Fee(Annual) Club Fee(Annual) Ocean Diver Pack(Inc P&P) Equipment Hire Total
Full Member £55.50 £69.50 £41.00 £110.00 £276.00
Joint Member * £38.00 £69.50 £31.00 £110.00 £248.00
Student/Junior # £28.00 £69.50 £41.00 £110.00 £248.00
* Joint membership is per person and available where there is more than one member in the same household, they have all the rights of a full member however they do not receive a subscription to ‘BSAC Dive Magazine’

# Junior/Student members have no club voting powers and do not receive Scuba magazine.  Free access to digital magazine is included.

Existing members do not pay for the Ocean Diver Pack and Equipment Hire.

You can pay Membership Fees by Cash, Cheque or BACs. Information for BACs Transfer is below:

  • Yorkshire Bank
  • Mansfield Sub Aqua Diving
  • Account Number: 51798756
  • Sort Code: 05-09-38