Howdy,Who's up for a challenge, laugh, bit of fun and or ridicule? As you may…

Who's up for a challenge, laugh, bit of fun and or ridicule?

As you may well be aware, throughout the month of November there is a national campaign aimed at highlighting the dangers of testicular/prostate cancer and other male health related issues. MOVEMBER is a fun challenge where blokes are encouraged to grow a moustache for the whole of the month, you can fund raise if you want but it's not obligatory.

As you should all be aware by now, the annual Dinner Dance will be held on the 10th of Movember, and it would be great to see as many of you as possible sporting 10 days worth of top lip growth! The styles are endless, from a macho Burt Reynolds or Magnum PI, to a handle bar design, or how about a groovy seventies Mexican? As a bit of fun I will also give out a couple of prizes for the funniest, funkiest, silliest MO!

The rules are simple, the "tache" cannot join your side burns because that's a beard and it cannot be joined below the chin, as that's a goatee!

I also think that at that on the last day of Movember, which is a Friday, we could have a bit of a bash, the details of which will follow!

So come on, who's up for it?

More details can be found here


Movember United Kingdom
Movember, the month formerly known as November, is a moustache growing charity event held during November each year that raises funds and awareness for men's health.

Diving trip to Wales July 2013

Hi all,


As well as the usual annual trips to Scapa, Farnes, St Abbs etc, Ronnie and I are arranging something a little different.


We’re looking to do a weekend with West Wales diving in Mid July 2013.

Great wrecks including ‘The Lucy’ and clear vis, what more could you want. You even get a sheep if you want one…

Diving numbers are maximum of 10.


Check out website:


Accommodation (incl air) :



Details on dates and costs to follow once I get feedback on neap tides, but let me know if you’re interested, so I can get a handle on numbers now.





Oli Boyes

Home      01159 841841

Mobile     07740 830068


P Please consider the environment before printing this email

Hello everyone, As I’m sure you must have noticed, the fir trees are already i…

Hello everyone,

As I’m sure you must have noticed, the fir trees are already in the shops, the festive menus are on display, the clocks go back next weekend and another year is rapidly drawing to a close, which can only mean one thing………………

Yes, that’s right, it will soon be time for the Raft Race at Matlock. (hoorah, hoorah.)

I’m sure most of you know what its about, but for those that don’t it involves getting up at a ridiculous hour on Boxing day morning nursing a hangover, dragging a dead weight of timber about and throwing it into a river and then throwing yourself into the freezing water of the River Derwent for about 3 hours whilst being bombarded with a host of missiles from the on looking crowd.


If so let me know ASAP as numbers are limited.
Its open to everyone 16 years of age or over and costs around £15 each to enter. You will need a dry suit or if you’re brave a semi dry.

Also we need to rebuild the rafts, so anyone wanting to go on the rafts will be expected to give up some free time and donate some technical ability (Jenny , you can make the tea) over a couple of weekends.

Its a good laugh and money raised is for a good cause, The RNLI
As usual we’re planning to go to The Travellers after, so if you cant make the Raft Race, come and join us for a festive pint afterwards

Reply ASAP
Cheers Alan

scapa flow 2013

Hi all
Have been looking into scapa for next year.
I have narrowed it down to 2 boats which can be live aboard this one
looks the better boat
Mv Karin is the other which can be day boat or live aboard or day
boat or a combination.
The advantage of live aboard is that you can start earlier, go
further and could get more dives in.
Please have a look and give feedback as to what you prefare.

Andy H

Andy Harrison
Diving Officer
Mansfield 735 BSAC
Tel 07989026659


16 to 25 year old’s in full time education can now try our 6 week Scuba Taster course with help from Sportivate.

This is a great introduction to diving and also gives you a years membership to the Branch and BSAC, all for only £30.00.

[button text=”Check out our Sportivate page to learn more” size=”big” url=”/sportivate” /]

Operation Christmas child

Hi chums,
I am asking everyone to support Operation Christmas child once again this year.
Its an organisation that provides small Christmas presents in a shoebox to children who would not get a gift otherwise.
If you could find time and bring me your shoebox to the pool or dinner dance I would be very grateful.
If you want to know anymore see
I realise this is a girly thing so if you are a guy reading this please ask the missus, mum, lady next door !!!!

For those divers that can't get free entry under the new diver entry, its 2-4-1…

For those divers that can't get free entry under the new diver entry, its 2-4-1 if you go with an instructor, see Ronnie or Steve who are going

2-4-1 Dive Show ticket offer for BSAC instructors – British Sub-Aqua Club
All BSAC instructors are eligible for two tickets for the price of one for DIVE 2012 at the NEC Birmingham (27th & 28th October). To take advantage of this offer, all Instructors need to do is to show their BSAC membership card and Instructor…