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Hi all

For those that didn’t go to dive the Port Napier, you missed spectacular diving at a spectacular location. A full report to follow with video footage, nothing but the best for you lot. Anyway, cos the weather is still settled and has been for some time we will be taking the boat to Brid on Saturday 31st March. Anyone who is sport diver and above is welcome,as long as you have been in the water this year. We don’t want any mishaps do we .The diving out of Brid can be quite challanging at times, especially out on the wrecks, so that is why on this trip it is sport diver and above. We are planning to do a wreck on high water slack which is at 12.16 BST, which means we will have to be at Brid for 9 in the morning and will only be doing the one dive. Please contact me asap to reserve a place. Also inform me if you would like to be included in any future trips out. The boat will stay at Brid for the season from then, so all you boat handlers get your arses’ in gear and get something organised. Please inform me of any trips that you are planning so I can help sort things out, a well planned trip is fantastic but a poor one is rubbish and unsafe. We are still able to take the boat to other dive sites in the year, it just means a bit of planning and collecting it from Brid. The club RHIB is not that big and can only take a max of 6 persons, so please don’t be disappointed if you don’t get on this time, hopefully their will be plenty of chances throughout the year.

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My contact details are 07989026659

Your loving Diving Officer Andy Harrison

kyle of lochalsh

Hi all Is anyone interested in the kyle trip to dive the port napier on the easter weekend on the 7th april. I need at least 2 more divers and preferably another boat handler to complete the trip.

Skill Development Courses

Now then , its been noticed that some of us are a bit rusty when it comes to rescue breaths and oxygen admin. So we will be running an oxygen admin SDC and refresher training. This is open to all members,no matter what your level. For those who have not yet done one of these jobbys, then basically it’s a great day of lectures and O2 training and if you pass a log book sticker and a strong handshake, well done.

We are also running rescue scenarios at the pool on Mondays for the next few weeks, it would be good to see more people getting involved, its really good fun, lot better than Corry. Moving on from that we will be running a Practical Rescue management SDC which is another full day of lectures and open water scenarios.

Both of these courses are designed to give you an insight into what to do in a real emergency, god forbid, so it really makes sense to get involved.

Please get in touch with Andy Harrison or Steve Cheesmond if you’re interested in either so we can sort numbers and dates. Also I would appreciate some help so instructors please put yourselves forward.

I know I will be flooded with requests so first come first serve.

Happy Diving

Andy Harrison